Recycling Newsletter, Summer 2020 Edition

Refuse Collection Department
July 16, 2020

1) Bulk Waste Amnesty Day – Friday, July 24, 2020
2) Recycling
3) Yard Waste
4) Collection Delays
5) Follow Middletown online

1)  Bulk Waste Amnesty Day – Friday, July 24, 2020
Middletown’s Bulk Waste Amnesty Day is open to residents participating in the PAYT program, the event will run from 8:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. on Friday, July 24, 2020 at Gaudet Middle School in Middletown, call or email to schedule a drop off time (examples of bulk waste: couches, chairs, mattresses, bicycles, rugs, large plastic toys, scrap metal & electronic waste).

Residents MUST call or email (401-842-6519 or wcronin(at)middletownri(dot)com) in advance to schedule a time to drop off. Please provide:
1) Your address
2) A detailed list of what you would like to bring down and
3) Let me know what time would be convenient for you to drop off material.

* * Items not accepted: * *
Hazardous waste, Yard Waste, Cardboard, Tires, Household trash, items small enough to fit in a PAYT bag and/or more than one bundle of Lumber, Construction and Demolition material**
** a bundle is as much as you can carry in your arms or as much as can fit in a 30-gallon trash barrel

Information on Bulk Waste, including a list of charitable organizations can be found here:
The Aquidneck Island Sell & Swap Facebook Page, and are great outlets for trying to give away, or sell, items that still have life left.

> Bicycles, bike parts and accessories dropped off at the Bulk Amnesty Day will be offered to Bike Newport.
Bike Newport’s Bike Rescue initiative supports Earn-and-Learn and the Bike Library. These programs are designed to provide youth and other community members with access to bicycles and the know-how to maintain them and ride safe. Visit for more information.
>Masks are required.
> The next bulk event will be September 26th.

2) Recycling
If you are curious about what is to be placed in the recycling cart, please take a second and refresh your memory. State offers a great page with what you should place in your blue recycling cart :
They also have searchable A to Z guide:

Over the years we have done well with the quality of the recycling tipped in Johnston, but due to the current market for the material we bring up to Johnston, RIRRC has had to crack down on contamination.

3) Yard Waste
PLEASE only place material that has grown in your yard out for yard waste collection. Too often, the yard waste truck driver reports lumber, litter and dog waste mixed in with the yard waste.
All of Middletown’s yard waste gets tipped at Rhode Island Nurseries’ facility where it is composted and spread on the fields. When trash is mixed in it litters their fields and surrounding property.

Thank you!

You may view the schedule and information about the PAYT program online at:

4) Collection Delays
Our hauler is struggling to keep up with the recyclable materials being produced during the pandemic. They are working hard to collect everyone’s waste but there are some days when the capacity is too great, the truck fills up and additional resources need to be brought in to finish a route, this extra help can sometimes delay your cart being emptied.

Thank you for your patience as we work to address this challenge with Republic Services.

5) Follow Middletown online:
Middletown has increased its online presence, follow us on your social media platform of choice:
*Twitter: @Middletown411
(all of the Middletown Town Council meetings are now live streamed)
*Middletown’s blog: /blog (the top six posts may be seen from the town’s home page)
*Sign up for Middletown’s list serve (email service):

Thank you for reading, please contact me with any questions or concerns!


Will Cronin
Recycling Coordinator
Operations & Facility Manager
Town of Middletown
401 842-6519 (office)