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Refuse Collection Department

Bulk Waste Information

Pay As You Throw options for disposing of bulky waste:

1) Buy a sticker at the Department of Public Works (cost varies, depending on the item or items) then call Republic Services to schedule a curbside pickup.
2) Middletown’s Bulk Waste Amnesty Days: Residents using Middletown’s PAYT program can take advantage of the four Bulk Waste Amnesty Days (events will be scheduled quarterly) to dispose of over-sized material. Appointments are required, there will now be four bulk amnesty days per year.
4) Donating: if your bulky waste is in usable condition, please consider donating it (see below) or try giving it away using Free Cycle or Craigslist.org.

Bulky Waste Price List:

$20 items
Items include, but are not limited to:
Bike · Cast Iron Bathtub, Sink, Wood Stove etc. · Chairs (Kitchen, Dining Room, up to 6 per stop) · Coal Stove · Coffee Table · Counter Top (4 sections cut into 4 ft lengths) · Crib · Desk and Chair · Dishwasher · Door (Metal, Glass, Wood) · Dryer · Exercise Bike · Exercise Machine · Fence (2 bundles 4ft x 4ft, with one post) · Folding Table (wood) · Formica Tabletop · Furnace · Garage Door Opener · Garbage Disposal · Gas Burner · Gas Grill · Gas Stove · Headboard and Footboard · Heat Reclaimer · Heater · Hedge Trimmer · Hood Fan · Hot Water Tank · Ironing Board · Lamps (up to 4 per stop) · Large Plastic Items (Furniture, toys, etc) · Lawn Chairs (4 per stop) · Lawn Mower (gas tank removed) · Metal Furniture (bed frame, chair, desk, shelves, toys, tools, etc.) · Microwave · Oven · Pallets (4 per stop) · Patio Umbrella · Radiator · Recliner · Rocking Chair · Rug (cut & rolled 4 x 12 strips) · Sink · Stackable Washing Machine/Dryer · Stove · Stuffed Chair & Ottoman · Swimming Pool Liner · Swing Set (broken down into 2 bundles 4’x4′) · Table · Toilet · Trash Compactor · Treadmill · Typewriter · Vacuum Cleaner · Vanity & Mirror · Washing Machine · Water Boiler · Water Heater · Waterbed Frame (wood) · Waterbed Mattress · Wheel Barrow · Window · Wood (2 bundles 4’x4′)

$25 items
Items include, but are not limited to:
Air Conditioner · Box Spring · Carpet (cut & rolled 4×12 strips) · Couch · Dehumidifier · Dresser · Entertainment Center · Fiberglass tub, shower stall etc · Freezer · Hutch w/ mirror · Loveseat · Mattress · Picnic Table wood · Ping Pong Table · Refrigerator · Sofa · Stereo Cabinet · Water Cooler

$60 items
Items include, but are not limited to:
Hot Tub

Please note we cannot accept credit cards, just checks, cash or money orders.

Special Instructions:
Please remove the doors from your discarded refrigerator before you place it on the street or bring it to the Recycling Center. Removal of doors is done to prevent children from playing with the appliance and inadvertently getting locked inside.

Please DO NOT throw propane gas tanks in the trash or recycling carts. What may seem like an empty tank probably contains small amounts of gas and thus it could be hazardous to anyone that handles it. Propane tanks are to be brought to an Eco Depot.

Collection Schedule:
Bulk waste is collected the First and Third Tuesdays of every month.



Here is a list of places you may contact regarding donations.  Below is the legend of what these organizations will accept.  You may also contact your place of worship to see if they accept donations.

Big Sisters of RI: 921-2434
Call for pickup of C, H, TY, PU.

Boys & Girls Club of Newport: 847-6927 www.bgcnewport.org
O, T, Sporting goods, computers/parts/accessories,
(please call before dropping material off)

Child & Family RI: 31 John Clarke St., Middletown

Contact Keith Tavares at 849-2300. www.cfsnewport.org
A, B, C, F, H, T, TY, O, PU for large items, drop off small items

Habitat for Humanity – ReStore program: 1555 Shannock Rd Charlestown, RI 02813
Contact information: 213-6716 or restore@southcountyhabitat.org
A, F, H, T and PU

International Institute of RI: www.iiri.org
Contact Mary Ellen Lynch at 784-8649
A, B, F, H, T, TY, O, PU

Salvation Army – Pickup service only by calling 800-SATRUCK (800-728-7825)
B, C, F, H, TY, O (nothing over 5 years old), PU

Donation legend:
A = Appliances,
B = Bedding,
C = Clothing,
F = Furniture,
H = Household items,
T = Tools,
TY = Toys,
O = Office equipment & computers,
PU = Pickup service



National Grid’s recycling program has bee suspended, (see a note from their webpage below), you can purchase a bulk waste sticker for $25 for curbside collection.

Refrigerator or freezer recycling

Click on this link for more information: https://www.nationalgridus.com/ri-home/energy-saving-programs/appliances-and-electronics



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